Cats and Water

What’s the deal with cats and water?

Cats are fairly composed animals, but the second your cat gets wet I’m sure you will see a totally different side to them. Why is this the case though? In this article I will detail some of the theories as to why our cats dislike water so much.

Have you ever turned your tap on and watched your cat become instantly mesmerised by the drip? Many house cats are fascinated by water and you may even occasionally see them try and swipe the water streaming from the tap. The same goes for bath tubs, it is not uncommon for a cat to amuse themselves by sitting on the edge of a full bath, curiously wondering what is going on inside it.

These curious habits are all fun and games until SOMEONE (that someone being your curious cat) get wet. But why is getting wet such a big deal to them? Unless you’ve got a Bengal or a Maine Coon (these breeds actually enjoy going in the water) you are probably just as perplexed as the rest of us cat owners.

There are several reasons that cats don’t like water, one of them being that they have an interesting coat which can have multiple layers to it. Thus when their coat becomes wet it can become waterlogged and ultra-heavy which is of course a very uncomfortable feeling. Another reason may be that cats are super sensitive to different smells, and when they become wet their own scent is washed away and replaced with the chemical scent of tap water or bath products.

Your feline friends are also generally quite skittish and the thought of being submerged entirely in a substance they aren’t too familiar with does tend to freak them out a bit.

So before you go and bathe your cat make sure you ease them into the notion of water and don’t try to catch them off guard! Or you may become a victim to a feisty claw.