Kitten Food

Food for the Kitten

Kittens grow very fast. This cute little ball of energy can double or triple their weight in the first weeks of their existence if given the right diet. Your little kitty needs healthy food specially formulated for a growing cat.

What your Kitten Needs

Your growing kitty needs more calories than an adult cat because they require extra energy in the form of calories to fuel their activities like playing, discovering and growing. They also need the right amount of protein to support their muscles and heart, healthy fats to have supple skin and for their shiny coat and low carbohydrate cat food, because the digestive tract of a cat is too short to digest carbohydrates, so a low carb meal is best, and grain free cat food is a good option.

Kittens also need the right amounts of nutrients like taurine which promote their heart health, digestion and vision.

Gourmet Delight has the right amount of calories, proteins, healthy fats and is grain free, so it is very low in carbohydrates, and this is essential for your kitten’s nutrition.

Kitten Food

Specially Formulated Kitten Food

Adult cat food is not specifically formulated for kittens, and much of the difference is in the texture of the food, just like babies, kittens need smaller minced type foods. They need specially formulated kitten food. Growing kittens require a minimum of 30 percent protein in their food compared to the 26 percent protein that adult cats need. Kittens need a higher calcium to phosphorus ratio, more Vitamin A and more Amino Acids Lysine and Tryptophan.

All the eleven essential amino acids also known as the building blocks of protein are found in meat and are essential for your kitten’s nutrition. Taurine is required for a healthy heart and perfect vision and a healthy heart and arginine is equally important. If your kitten becomes deficient in arginine it can cause diarrhea, seizures, weight loss and sometimes can be fatal.

Although all kitten food is legally required to meet your kitten’s nutritional requirements at the minimum, their quality can differ greatly. Check the ingredients at the back of the label to know. Remember that all kitten food must have high quality real natural meat and or fish.

With Gourmet Delight Beef Mince and Gravy and Chicken Mince and Gravy lines, they are the best kitten food Autralia because the size and texture of the meat is suitable for kittens, and they can be used as a supplemental complementary feed for your kitten and form part of a complete and balanced healthy meal.

High Quality Food for your Kittens

Growing kittens are more sensitive to the quality of dietary protein and amino acids than adult. This means that you have to take extra in choosing the food for your kitten.

They need the right balance of proteins and fats to aid in the building and development of their organs and tissues and to hasten the development of their nerves, spinal cord and brain. This means that any deficiency will lead to abnormalities in the development of their reflexes, which is essential for the cat to survive.

At Gourmet Delight, we use only good quality, natural ingredients. The good quality meat proteins in our food is suitable for kitten nutrition. No preservatives, and artificial flavors were used in making Gourmet Delight, the best kitten food Australia appropriate for your kitten.

Biologically Appropriate Kitten Food

Gourmet Delight has a nutrient profile that mimics the natural diet for cats. Our cat food is made as a species appropriate cat food.

It is the best cat food brands for your younger kitties because it is calorie-dense which gives them the needed energy to play. It is also good to know that most of these calories are from fats and proteins and a minimal amount from carbohydrates.