Wet Cat Food

At Gourmet Delight, we are all about variety, premium grain free nutrition, and palatability, that is our focus, we test the palatability of our premium grain free offerings with the fusiest of cats that we have built a relationship with over the years, if our food passes the most discerning of cats then we know we have a winner. We can absolutely provide you with all your wet cat food requests and requirements, Gourmet Delight is available in Woolworths and leading independent retailers Australia wide.

Your cats need quality protein and nutrients in their diet in order to be healthy. We pride ourselves in being grain free given the mounting research that shows grains are bad for cats, because cats cannot digest carbohydrates optimally.

Gourmet Delight’s Wet Cat Food selections will definitely provide premium and optimum nutrition for your cats and kittens and the best wet cat food Australia.

At Gourmet Delight, you will find a suitable best wet cat food for your senior cats and youngest kitten. All Gourmet Delight are made with passion and with premium grade raw ingredients. When it comes to choosing for senior or kittens texture is very important and to this end we have two new mult-ipacks available in Woolworths and leading independent retailers. Gourmet Delight Chicken Mince in Gravy, and Gourmet Delight Beef mince in Gravy. The pieces are small and the texture easy to digest for both senior cats and kittens.

Made Only From the Freshest Ingredients

  • Natural wet cat food from Gourmet Delight can be transformed into a wide variety of timeless dishes and complete balanced meals for your cats satisfaction.
  • Gourmet Delight provides all natural real meat from animal derived sources, just as nature intended
  • Gourmet Delight does not contain grain fillers which can be detrimental to your cat’s health.
  • Our wet cat food options are made up from premium protein. We include real chunks of poultry, meat, and fish. Taurine found in meat protein as well as some extra that we add to ensure we have the right amount , will help support the development of your cat’s vision, support heart health, and immune system support.
  • We provide proper hydration for your cats through our wet cat food selection. Just like humans, cats require fluid/water to stay healthy, and as we know they don’t drink well due to their desert dwelling ancestry, so it is important that they get their moisture from their food too.

Gourmet Delight cat food brands make use of human grade ingredients ( like beef or chicken) and offer important minerals and vitamins for your cat’s health.

Check out our range at Woolworths or leading Independent retailers in Australia