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Delightfully Healthy Pet Food

Natural Meat & Grain Free goodness combined in a gourmet range of pet cuisine.

Delight your pet with

Gourmet Delight

Gourmet Delight premium pet cuisine, is proud to be natural as nature intended. GRAIN FREE with REAL NATURAL meat & fish and containing no artificial flavours and preservatives its a healthy and gourmet meal.

Available in a range of delectable fish & meat flavours there is something to suit the fussiest eaters. Gourmet Delight is perfectly suited to pet owners who want to feed their pets a healthy and nutritious grain free diet.

Delight your loved one with gourmet natural pet cuisine.

Gourmet Delight cat cuisine made with natural meat & no grains, available in a range of delectable flavours that cats love.

Gourmet Delight dog cuisine made with natural meat & no grains, available in meat varieties that dogs love.

Grain Free & Real Meat Goodness

Feed your pets what they would eat in the wild, real natural meat & grain free food. Delight your pet with real nutrition.

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