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About Us

Food pets love, made by people that love pets!

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Who We Are

Gourmet Delight

We are passionate about creating gourmet pet food using only natural ingredients as nature intended.

Gourmet Delight is:

  • With REAL, NATURAL meat & fish
  • Natural grass fed beef
  • No artificial flavours or preservatives
  • Taurine for healthy eyes & heart
  • Protein

Our Advantages

Gourmet Delight, natural & grain free just like nature intended. Feel delighted knowing you’re feeding your pet wholesome pet cuisine with real meat, chicken & fish that is naturally delicious & full of goodness.

Available in a range of delectable fish & meat flavours there is something to suit the fussiest eaters.

Delight your loved one with gourmet natural pet cuisine.

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Gourmet Delight natural Meat Grain Free Pet Food

Grain Free & Real Meat Goodness

Feed your pet what nature would, natural meat and grain free meals to delight your furry friends. Love your pet with real nutrition.