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Dog Nutrition & Health

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Health Benefits

What your dog really needs

Dogs are scavenging carnivores and derive nutrition from both plant and animal sources. Below is a composition of their diet and the essential nutrients they need to thrive.

bacon iconAnimal Based Saturated Fat

Moderate amounts needed.

Provides amino acids and essential fatty acids.

Source of energy.

fish iconAnimal Protein

Moderate amounts required.

Real meat & fish.

Dogs use protein and fat for energy.

Provides a complete amino acid profile.

grain iconCarbohydrates

Larger amounts of carbohydrates needed as they provide energy in the form of glucose.

Main source of fibre.

Good quality carbohydrates in the form of potatoes, sweet potatoes, tapioca or peas are best.

water iconWater

Large amounts required.

Considered one of the most vital nutrients.

Aids in digestion & the absorption of nutrients.

Regulates body temperature and improves cognitive & body functions.


Vitamins & Minerals

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Dog Facts

  1. Dogs are scavenging carnivores not obligate carnivores like cats. They originally ate a carnivorous diet in the wild but since they have been domesticated, adaptions have been made that allow them to digest and utilize plant-based nutrients.
  2. Grain free dog food is considered the best choice of food for your dog as they eliminate the grains that many cheap dog foods contain. Dogs need high quality protein and good healthy fats as they provide dogs with the energy they need to thrive.
  3. Dogs find it hard to digest corn & wheat commonly found in commercial dog food that is not grain free. This means it has to be removed from their body within their stools.
  4. Did you know, dogs have approximately one sixth of the taste buds humans have. Their less discriminatory sense of taste also has to do with their evolutionary instincts carried over from when they would scavenge in the wild.

Know Your ingredients

What ingredients are really in your dog’s food?

Many dog food brands fill their dog food products with nasty cereal fillers and cheap grains rather than healthy natural meat ingredients. Your dog may love to eat these products but unfortunately are not the healthiest most nutritious option.

Below is a list of ingredients to watch out for and avoid:

Avoid Wheat, Soy & Corn

These are the most common inexpensive sources of grains that may fill commercial dog food, these are hard for dogs to digest and not quality carbohydrate sources, its best to feed your dog a grain free diet.

Avoid Artificial Colours, Preservatives & Sweeteners

These can be dangerous for your dog and are not natural.

Gourmet Delight

Dog Food Calculator

How much food is enough for our furry friends?

A dog’s size has a big impact on its dietary needs.

We have created a feeding calculator that corresponds to Ultimates Indulge nutrition standards. These are feeding guides only and each pet needs to be fed according to their activity level and specific needs, always seek advice from your veterinarian if in doubt.


As a company, we have been manufacturing pet food for the Australian market for over 50 years. We adhere to strict supply chain and batch controls of raw materials and packaging. We consult with pet food experts to bring our customers the best nutrition for their pets.

Store Gourmet Delight dog food cans in a clean, dry location at room temperature. Once the can is opened, any leftovers can be covered and kept for two days in the fridge, or better yet, transfer leftovers to a clean container.

Our dog food is made with highly nutritious organ meats, chicken and grass fed Australian or New Zealand beef. We include some vegetables for vitamins and minerals.

What you won’t find is grains. We don’t use cheap fillers, which are not good for their health. Dogs are by nature scavenging carnivores, and they need real meat and nutritious organ meats in their diet.

Our dog food contains no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Just real, natural meat and veggies.

Supplementing isn’t necessary. We consult with pet nutritionists to formulate balanced and whole meals for your dog. Drawing from the most up-to-date scientific studies, we maintain the natural diet your dog was designed to eat.

Yes, we have a four-step quality protocol. We are watchful from the moment raw materials enter our factory. Our scanners are in place through the washing, chopping and cooking process and then through packaging. We also routinely test the finished product and maintain control samples for every batch.

Our packaging is fully recyclable, both the label and the can.

Adult dogs generally need two meals each day. Every dog’s nutritional needs are unique, depending on their age and stage of life, breed, size and activity levels, so you will need to alter their portion sizes accordingly.

As a starting point, twice each day feed small dogs half a can of Gourmet Delight dog food, medium dogs a whole can and large dogs will need one and a quarter cans. Alter this amount if you include dry food in their diet. Consult the feeding chart we’ve provided on the label.

The consensus among veterinarians is to swap out one quarter of their old food for the new and see how they tolerate the change. Continue to replace additional quarters of their meals with their new Gourmet Delight dog food each day. Our food is clean and contains no fillers, so dogs with sensitive tummies may just need time to adjust.

Your dog needs access to plenty of clean, fresh water throughout the day. Top it up as needed and clean the bowl daily to rid it of dirt and bacteria.

Still have more questions?