Human Foods Not Fit for Felines

Cats have a powerful sense of smell and a very particular palate. Instinctively, a cat knows what they need. But they don’t always know what’s not good for them. We provide a list of human foods not fit for felines that will cause them more harm than good.

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Dairy – anything containing lactose will upset your cat’s stomach. Try a lactose-free milk formulated for cats.

Sugar & Carbs – Cats can’t digest carbohydrates; they lack the necessary enzymes. Opt for grain-free cat food. Sugar ingestion causes vomiting, diarrhoea and discomfort or pain.

Onions – anything from the lily family, which includes chives, shallots, leeks and garlic, as well as species of the flowering lily plant.

Alcohol – effects are much more extreme on cats than humans, such as liver and brain damage.

Grapes – including raisins and sultanas. Ingestion can lead to kidney failure, particularly in cats with pre-existing renal disease. Grapes are also highly toxic for dogs.

Caffeine – coffee, tea, chocolate, coke and energy drinks. Caffeine cause harm to a cat’s heart.

Chocolate – as well as containing caffeine, chocolate also contains theobromine, which is also harmful for cats’ hearts.

Keep this list handy for quick reference. Ensure the food you choose to feed your cat is grain-free, contains taurine and inulin and consists of good animal protein and fats, and plenty of fresh, clean water.

Australian Animal Poisons Hotline 1300 869 738.