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CAN YOUR PET BE AFFECTED This year more than 70 dogs across Australia have been struck down by a debilitating and incurable illness and some have even died. The cause – PET FOOD! This affect cats and dogs. Melbourne University has confirmed 74 cases of megaesophagus, and in all cases,… Read more »

Do your cats like being in the box? Cat tips!

  Why your kitty can’t resist being ‘inside the box’ Have you ever excitedly purchased a snazzy new toy for your cat only to bring it home for your cat to be more enthused with the box than the actual toy? This is a very common occurrence, keep reading as… Read more »

Quick Tips Guide For Cat Lovers!

Cats are difficult to please. Sometimes, it is very difficult to really figure out your pets and their real needs. Fortunately, if you educate yourself, you can better care for them. These simple tips will ensure your cat gets the proper care it needs and deserves.   Health Use petting… Read more »