Quick Tips for Cat Lovers

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It can take time to figure out our cat’s personality, wants and needs. But once we do, it makes a significant difference to their life, and to ours. Use these quick tips for cat lovers to ensure your feline is happy and healthy.


Cuddle time can be more than affection for you both. It is a great way to find anything abnormal on their body. While stroking and patting your feline friend, you can feel for bumps, lumps or sores. It is also an opportunity for you to check their ears. Look for bald spots, redness, swelling and any discharge, which could point to ear mites or a bacteria infection.


Though you may have be feeding your cat the same food for many years, it’s worth checking the ingredients on the label. Look out for content that is not natural or abnormal for cats to eat, such as fillers and grains.

Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they were designed to eat animal meat and fat. Your cat may have become used to an unhealthy cat food, but transitioning to a healthier meal is a simple albeit lengthy process. Read 8 Ways to Give Your Cat the Best Digestive Support to learn how to transition your cat to a new cat food.


Yes, cats can be trained. They may not be as responsive as dogs, but it is possible, particularly if they are food driven. Training also provides an opportunity to connect with our pets.

Patience is a must when training a cat. Use encouragement rather than harsh rebuke. Teaching a kitten to use the litter box can quickly go south if they become frightened. If they do wee outside the box, gently place them into the litter box; they will soon learn.

Other popular tricks to teach your cat include “come”, “roll over”, “speak” and “high five”.

Quick tips for cat lovers – Training
Training is another way we can connect with out pets

Cat Toys

Play with your cat using proper cat toys. Cats love toys that help them exercise their hunting instincts. Playing also helps them use up energy. If your cat is being cheeky, pouncing or swiping at you as you pass, it means you need to ramp up your play time.

Learn more

Aside from the internet, cat shows are a fun and experiential resource. There you can meet vendors and breeders for pro advice on grooming, gadgets, breeds and behaviour.

Read Human Foods Not Fit for Felines to learn how to create a cat-safe home. Keep this article handy for future reference, and may you have many blissful years with your happy cat.

Quick Tips for Cat Lovers
A healthy, happy kitten
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